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As Mob War Intensifies on General Hospital – Who Will Survive?!

Julian, Ava, and Sonny on General HospitalJulian, Ava, and Sonny on General Hospital

Port Charles has been a hotbed of mob activity for decades on General Hospital.

In order to get ahead in that world, one has to be smart – very smart, in fact, in order to stay alive. After all, there are the five families and if they smell weakness, your territory could be taken over and your life ended. It’s not just them you have to stay one step ahead of – there’s also Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and the Port Charles Police Department (hey, stop laughing – they could catch a clue one of these days!). Soap Hub asked who you think is the smartest mobster, and over 5,000 cast their vote.

Mr. Corinthos
Considering he has been in town the longest, and therefore knows the lay of the land the best, it’s not a surprise that Sonny (Maurice Benard) was able to garner 89% of your votes. It’s still quite impressive since he has worthy competition for the thorny crown. He has been at loggerheads with Julian Jerome, but now that he can’t hide behind Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), all bets are off. Unfortunately, now that Morgan (Bryan Craig) has been a casualty in the crossfire, anything might happen.

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Ms. Jerome
While she “claims” to be out of the mob now, Ava (Maura West) was still able to garner 9% of your votes. She did manage to negotiate a “peace” with Sonny, which does make her pretty smart. Having his child wasn’t a dumb idea to insure her safety. But now that she’s played a part in the death of Sonny’s son, we pity what will happen to her (okay, not really) when Sonny finds out. After all, she messed with him in such a horrible way – a way Sonny will understand intrinsically since he too suffers from bipolar disorder – that there won’t be a rock big enough for her to hide under.

Mr. Jerome
Julian (William deVry) almost bit the dust recently and only survived by a stroke of dumb luck, so it’s not surprising that only 2% of you voted for him as smartest mobster. Now that he knows Sonny wanted him dead, he’s going to need all the smarts he can muster to stay alive. He did show enough brain power to realize that now that Sonny’s lost Morgan, he’ll be more dangerous than ever. Time will tell if he’ll be smart enough to stay alive in this life and death struggle.

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