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Missed Opportunity: Why Did GH Even Bother Bringing Back Jeffrey Vincent Parise?

Jeffrey Vincent Parise on General Hospital Jeffrey Vincent Parise on General Hospital

It looks like it really was the end of Joe and Teddy on General Hospital last week when Michael handed over the little boy with nary a fight.

According to the October 10 issue of Soap Opera Digest, the soap has once again let Jeffrey Vincent Parise go, ending Joe’s storyline.

While GH has written the actor off more than once, it was when he played Joe’s twin, Carlos. Both times Parise left, it was due to Carlos’s death, and the second time he seemed truly gone.

Frankly, we don’t get it. Killing Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) seemed senseless enough, but we thought we’d get a custody fight out of it at least. Even as Joe left the Q mansion with Teddy last week, we were sure there had to be more to it–that Michael (Chad Duell) would change his mind, or even better, that Teddy turned out to be Michael’s after all.

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We don’t even understand the build up that came with introducing Carlos’s twin to the canvas. People just accepted him right away, he got a job at GH, and they even created a backstory between him and Sabrina that seemed romantic. That created a perfect triangle scenario between Sabrina, Michael, and Joe. All three actors had enormous chemistry together and fans were waiting to see the story play out.

In addition, the re-introduction of Sabrina last spring with Teddy arriving first as Tracy’s (Jane Ellott) foundling also has no point. The storyline had heart and humor, and now it was all for absolutely nothing. It feels like all of it was filler building up to a big, fat splat.

We feel that GH has completely wiped Sabrina from memory now and wiped Michael’s life of her so he can go on to a ridiculously contrived story with Nelle fans don’t even seem to want. It makes no sense, and the audience deserves better.

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