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Memorial Day: When Should Smike Get His Sonny Memories on General Hospital?

General Hospital Sonny As MikeGeneral Hospital Sonny As Mike

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General Hospital’s Sonny is enjoying life away from the mobster rat race, kicking back in a small town, doing odd jobs, and making new friends as a salt of the Earth dude named Mike.

General Hospital Polling

But when should Smike recall his past life as Sonny (Maurice Benard), a criminal with a heart of gold? Over 4,000 viewers have some timing suggestions:

First Time, Ever I Saw Your Face

The sight of Carly’s (Laura Wright) face has driven Sonny to all sorts of activities, 77% of you remind. Remember when he slept with her to prove to Jason (Steve Burton) what a slut Carly was? Or how about the time he saw her giving birth, thought she was cheating on him, and shot her in the head? Yeah, good times? The point is, whenever Sonny sees Carly, crazy things happen. You figure it’ll get his memory back, too.

Perchance To Dream

A much smaller 10% thinks sleeping with Nina (Cynthia Watros) should do the trick. A majority of the time, whenever Sonny sleeps with a new woman, she gets pregnant. Then Carly and Sonny quickly get to work on claiming that woman’s child as their own. You figure sleeping with and knocking up Nina will remind Sonny – and Carly – of who they really are.

Finders Keepers

Then there’s the 8% of the audience that doesn’t expect Sonny’s memories to come back on their own. You expect him to be found by a familiar face – obviously not Nina – and to be returned to his former life. And then nice guy Smike can try to figure out if he even wants to go back to being Sonny.

Wedding Belle News

A last-place 5% of the fans expect it to go further. Smike won’t just sleep with Nina, he’ll prepare to marry her. Then, as they’re about to exchange vows, pow! It’s all coming back to me now! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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