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Who Was That Masked Man on General Hospital (GH)? Welcome Back, Nikolas?

Well, we certainly didn’t see THAT coming today on General Hospital (GH), although we should have.

Of course there had to be a reason that Valentin–out of nowhere–wanted to help Ava (Maura West) in exchange for her recanting her witness statement that she saw him kill Nikolas. After all, did any of us ever think Nikolas was dead to begin with?

We also scratched our heads at Russia this week. Why Russia? No matter which side of the political spectrum you lie on, Russia is a big buzzword in 2017, so it just seemed awfully strange that of all countries, Valentin had a clinic there for Ava. AMAZING!

And then a masked man shows up out of nowhere who likes staring out windows. WINDOWS??? Did that creepy lady tell Ava WINDOWS??? Well, boy did our ears perk up because Nikolas ‘died’ twice in one summer by flying out the darn window last year.

The first time he was a fakeout when he pretended to fly out a window at Wyndemere. But, the second time, he actually did it. We saw Valentin shoot him (and so did Ava) and out the window he went.

After we grew to like Valentin, thanks to the brilliant performances of James Patrick Stuart, we decided Valentin never really killed Nikolas.

It would make perfect sense that he rescued him and then sent the Russian price to the same clinic in Russia that fixed him up nice and fine. And, since Ava was the one who witnessed that whole Cassadine Island scene, why not send her there as well?

Couple that with the family tree lesson and Valentin cutting his finger and bleeding all over Nik’s name, well, OF COURSE that’s Nikolas in the hoodie and mask staring out a window because flying out of windows is his thing.

Twitter was all abuzz throughout GH’s airing today, with some fans speculating that Steve Burton is the new Nikolas. After all, we will see him back on screen by Tuesday, but that theory is just way, way too out there for even us, your friendly neighborhood soap spec-ers.

So, if that really is Nikolas under that mask (we’re willing to bet it is)–who’s playing him? Perhaps nobody yet. We know Tyler Christopher is very comfortable at Days of Our Lives and also know GH has a casting call out for a character named “Trevor” who would be about Nikolas’s age.

For all we know, any actor can be under that mask and we’ll never even see THAT actor’s face. Perhaps “Trevor” is Nikolas and GH will make sure he’s cast by the time the show offers the big Nik reveal. C’mon–you know there’s going to be a Nik reveal–and perhaps just in time for November sweeps…

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