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Many Happy Returns: Should Luke and Tracy Return to General Hospital?

Luke and Tracy on General HospitalLuke and Tracy on General Hospital

The last time General Hospital fans saw Tracy (which is not to be confused with the last time they saw Paris) she was possibly reuniting with estranged husband Luke- – and his very questionable new hairstyle.

The two may have either sailed off together into happily ever after, or parted ways after some very awkward chit-chat. Should Luke (Anthony Geary) and Tracy (Jane Elliott) return — either together or separately? Here’s how almost 8,000 viewers voted:

Bring ‘Em Back Alive!
Absolutely, 74% of you cheer! Old Port Chuckles hasn’t been the same without them! Cook is most sad. Heck, she even took a new job.

And everyone else is most bored. Luke and Tracy keep things lively, not just at the Quartermaine Mansion but all over town.

Tracy needs to smack some people around, and Luke can pretend to be there for Lulu (Emme Rylan), as she deals with being abandoned by her husband the same way that she was pretty much abandoned by her daddy.

Plus, watching Tracy be jealous of Laura (Genie Francis) — even when there’s no cause to be — never gets old.

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And, if there should be cause now that Laura’s husband, Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) has proved himself to be less than honest and upstanding, it’s about time we had a quadrangle where the couple involved are old enough to…have heard of Luke and Laura!

Doing Good
Nah, a smaller 26% dismiss. We’re good. It’s been kind of peaceful without Luke and Tracy’s wacky, ad-libbed hijinks. Besides, what’s left for them in Port Charles? Tracy’s kids are gone, and the Quartermaines are barely seen.

Luke still has a sister and a nephew, but unless they’re part of Carly’s (Laura Wright) — sorry, Caroline’s — world, they might as well be invisible.

Laura has moved on, Lucky is gone, Lulu is busy, and the Cassadines have bigger fish to fry. Stay away, nobody needs you.

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