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Long Lost Family: Are Laura and Cyrus Related On General Hospital?

General Hospital Cyrus and LauraGeneral Hospital Cyrus and Laura

After months of wondering what Cyrus’s deal is on General Hospital, fans are starting to get numerous clues that he may be related to Mayor Laura… and Martin Grey while we’re at it, too. Over 4,000 viewers told us how they feel about the possibility.

General Hospital Polling: Looking Good

A majority 55% of you see all the clues pointing that way. The question comes down to whether Cyrus (Jeff Kober) is related to Laura’s stepdad, Rick’s (Chris Robinson) college roommate, David Hamilton, who was obsessed with Laura’s mom, Lesley (Denise Alexander), but toyed with teen Laura until she konked him over the head and killed him.

Or if he… and brother Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight)… are related to Laura’s biological father, one Cameron Grey. Cameron had an affair with his student, Lesley. She gave birth to Laura (Genie Francis), but the baby was switched with the Vining family’s dead child. Lesley and Laura didn’t reunite until she was in her teens. And neither ever had anything to do with Cameron again.

Column A, Not Column B

A slightly smaller 37% of the audience is willing to buy the Laura/Martin connection… sure, why not – but what does Cyrus have to do with it? And if he is Laura’s half brother, how is anything that happened her fault? She was an infant conceived because either Martin or Cyrus’s or both’s dad was slimy. Revenge on Laura seems neither here nor there.

Nut House

Only 8% think every aspect of this is insane. Even if Cyrus is David Hamilton’s son, or Cameron Grey’s son, or Martin Grey’s brother, or a second cousin once removed from the Vinings, his revenge on Laura is so utterly out of proportion to anything she may or may not have done, that it simply makes no sense. Think of something else. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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