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Liz’s Invisible General Hospital Kids: To SORAS Or Not To SORAS?

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If you didn’t know better, you’d think Liz had just one son on General Hospital (GH) since he’s the one we see the most. Heck, maybe the soap is making up for lost time since this particular son was presumed dead for a few years.

But alas, Cam and Aiden seem to be invisible–or they spend a lot of time with Gram, up in their rooms, and at sleepovers. Do you want to see more of them? And better yet, do you want to see more of them looking and acting somewhat older? Soap Hub asked just this question.

Out of nearly 4,000 votes, 41% of you think it’s time for Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) kids to catch an acute case of SORAS, especially Cameron.

Considering he was born around the same time as Morgan, and Morgan has already been married, divorced, and hospitalized after trying to jump off a roof, and then allegedly blown to smithereens, Cam has a lot of catching up to do.

Plus, there was a time when Cam had a thing for Josslyn and now Josslyn has been SORAS’d, has a boyfriend, and became Cam’s camp counselor.

Seriously, give this kid a growth spurt and create a love triangle already.

Never Change, But Please Appear
Then, there are 58% of you that would like to see all three kids grow in real time, but you really, really want to see Cam and Aiden more. It makes no sense that Liz seems to only have one kid she cares about and the other two are persona non grata.

She’s always talking about her “boys” yet we see these boys about twice a year. Will they show to her wedding to Franco (Roger Howarth) or will they be at a friend’s house or with Gram because they have a cold? Will Gram even be there? That right there is the ultimate question.

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