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Little “Orphan” Charlotte: Who Should Raise Her On General Hospital?


Poor little Charlotte has already gone through two daddies and lost one mommy in the course of a week on General Hospital. That’s enough to bring any kid’s life down.

We can’t even be sure who her parents are. Claudette (Bree Williamson) produced the little girl out of nowhere and Charlotte seems to think she’s her mom, but still doesn’t act very comfortable around her. She was first told Nathan (Ryan Paevey) was her dad, but the DNA test Maxie (Kirsten Storms) ran proved otherwise.

So, Claudette then made Griffin (Matt Cohen) the proud papa–but he hasn’t even taken a test to prove the girl is his. Now, Claudette left town–with evil Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) right next to her on the plane. Who knows when she’ll even return? Soap Hub asked who you think should raise Charlotte, no matter who her parents turn out to be.

New Mommy I
Out of nearly 4,000 votes, 48% of you want Lulu (Emme Rylan) to raise the daughter she may never have. Heck, maybe Charlotte actually is Lulu’s daughter from one of the embryos Stavros made. Perhaps Claudette only carried and gave birth to the girl, but it’s not biologically hers.

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New Mommy II
Another 26% of you think Nina (Michelle Stafford) should finally get the child she’s longed for since she was pregnant decades ago and told her baby died while she was comatose. Nina has been going through any possible channel (even illegal ones) to get a child, and Charlotte seems to be a girl without a legal guardian. A match made in parental heaven?

A Fatherly Daddy
Coming in at an even tie with another 26% of the vote is Griffin. He thinks he’s her dad now anyway and wants to do right by her. Why not give him the chance? Of course, the doctor/priest will be heartbroken if he does ever learn Charlotte isn’t his after all.

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