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Liking Kiki’s Story on General Hospital (GH)? #MeToo!


General Hospital (GH) has jumped into the #MeToo movement with their story of Kiki’s sexual harassment by her superior, Dr. Bensch.

She, of course, hasn’t helped matters by not filling in the appropriate people right away, or recording Bensch’s (James DePaiva) unwanted advances with her phone.

Oh, and you know the whole sleeping with the guy her mom just broke up with before rushing back to get him to love her again will somehow be used against Kiki (Hayley Erin) down the line.

But are you enjoying the timely tale, or prefer your soaps more fantasy, less reality? Here’s how almost 14,000 viewers voted!

The Real World
This is the show that turned a rapist into a romantic hero (Luke and Laura, obviously), and a guy who only made it look like he was rapist into marriage material for a current heroine (Franco and Liz).

They once had Alan (Stuart Damon) repeatedly trying to kill his wife, even as he and Monica (Leslie Charleson) eventually made it to the till death do us part – through no fault of his or her own.

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So, yeah, maybe it’s time to reassess how GH handles sex crimes and sexual harassment, and Kiki’s situation with Bensch is as good of a place as any, according to 72% of you.

Not On My Watch
The fact that we put up with Luke (Anthony Geary) and Alan and Franco (Roger Howarth), not to mention all the sleazy guys in between suggests that we don’t want to see a realistic approach, 27% of the audience points out reasonably.

We want to believe that one woman’s sexual harassment is another’s romantic gesture, so why ruin it with a hashtag.

Sure, Bensch is horrible, but don’t let his actions taunt other criminals. If there is one thing GH has taught us, it’s that, as long as you have an angsty backstory, all is forgiven!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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