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Like Mother Like Daughter: Was Josslyn Right To Order Julian Around?

Josslyn and Julian General HospitalJosslyn and Julian General Hospital

Julian was minding his own business on General Hospital when Josslyn stormed into his bar and ordered him to break things off with Kim. Did she have a good point?

After all, Oscar (Garren Stitt) is dying from a brain tumor and he needs his parents solidly in his corner together — or so Josslyn (Eden McCoy) thinks.

Was she right to order Julian (William deVry) to stop seeing Kim (Tamara Braun) so she could reunite with Drew (Billy Miller)? Here’s what over 14,000 fans had to say.

Chip Off The Old Block
For 80% of you, Joss was acting just like her mother — and that’s not a good thing! Who the heck does this 15-year-old girl think she is to be ordering around adults and dictating what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their love lives?

While her heart may have been in the right place for Oscar, we have a newsflash for Joss — the world doesn’t revolve around you or Oscar!

Believe it or not, Kim and Drew can be there for Oscar, whether or not they’re in love with each other. And who’s to say that if Kim were free, she’d want to be with Drew or him with her? Reality check, kid!

Cupid’s Arrow
Obviously, Joss is just as good at figuring out who needs to be together as her mom is, decry 20% of you. Carly insisted on Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) belonging together and look — she was right!

Who’s to say her daughter doesn’t channel Cupid as well as her mother?

Maybe she realizes that if they were given the chance, Oscar’s parents could find their way back together and that might be just the magic Oscar needs to beat cancer! It can happen, right?! Right?! Don’t tell Joss she could be wrong!

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