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Kelly Thiebaud’s False-Positive COVID Test Forces General Hospital Break

General Hospital Kelly Thiebaud

As if the pandemic hasn’t been frustrating enough to people, now General Hospital star Kelly Thiebaud is facing the fallout from what she reveals was a false-positive test that she took.

Kelly Thiebaud Wants To Work

The actress was getting ready to return to work after having the previous two weeks off — and according to her Instagram stories, she had worked really hard on her scripts and was excited to dig in. But, as she also shared on her Twitter account, she encountered unfortunate circumstances that have forced her to take time away from the soap.

“First test was negative. Second test was positive/abnormal,” she wrote. “I got the first round of vax, haven’t traveled or been around someone sick, no symptoms. Third and fourth test negative.”

But because of the rules laid out by Los Angeles Public Health, that one positive in the middle of all those negatives is still enough to keep her off the GH set for a while. “I cant work for 10 days,” she demurred. “I’m still pissed about it. Ha.”

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The actress also sent a not-so-subtle message to Los Angeles Public Health about its policy saying, “y’all might want to revisit how your handling false positive Covid tests!” Thiebaud wrote. “Pretty Fe’d up that if some1 gets a false positive they can’t redo a test and instead have to follow protocols as if they are positive.”

Of course, she, like all of daytime, is doing her part to keep everyone involved with the show safe, so Thiebaud is going to do what has been asked in order to protect her co-stars and take the required time off, even if she’s not happy about it.

Things are starting to get interesting with Britt Westbourne as the chief of staff seems to be developing some feelings for Jason (Steve Burton). She’s also doing her best to protect Maxie (Kirsten Storms) from her no-good half-brother, Peter, and is scheming to pretend Maxie lost the baby that she’s carrying. And, don’t forget her hand shaking lately, suggesting she may have inherited Huntington’s Disease from Faison — like her dad didn’t do enough harm!

With so much going on with the character, there’s a very good chance General Hospital has had to recast the role during her absence, as they had to do in the past with other actors who were forced to take time off due to COVID like Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan). No word yet has been released on who it might be. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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