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Just ‘Coss’: Will Joss End Up With Cameron On General Hospital?

Oscar, Josslyn, Cameron General HospitalOscar, Josslyn, Cameron General Hospital

Soaps don’t have a great track record with ‘happily ever after’ couples, and General Hospital is no exception.

Laura (Genie Francis) and Scotty (Kin Shriner) tied the knot when she was barely out of high school. They only lasted until a certain disco manager named Luke (Anthony Geary) showed up. Luke and Laura’s son, Lucky, fell for Liz (Rebecca Hebst) before graduation. They gave marriage multiple tries. It didn’t stick.

Now Cameron (William Lipton), Liz’s oldest, whom Lucky raised as his own, is circling Joss (Eden McCoy), who is technically his cousin once removed, but, luckily, Lucky isn’t Cam’s biological father.

Will this pair end up together? What over 16,000 had to say:

Of course, 75% have no doubt about it. Joss and Cam are destined to be together… as soon as her current boyfriend, Oscar (Garren Stitt), dies his slow death.

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How do viewers know this? It’s simple. Joss and Cam are the only ones in their age group… or they will be. Once Oscar is gone When they were all younger, there was also Emma (Brooklyn Rae Sitzer) and Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel).

But, the latter two have remained tweens while Cam and Joss took some growth hormone. They’re ready for big kid dating. And since they’re the only ones available, it’s inevitable!

Won’t Work
Give it up, 25% of the audience dismisses. It’s a non-starter, and not just because Oscar is really taking his time shuffling off that mortal coil. Cam and Joss’ moms, Liz and Carly, (Laura Wright) hate each other. Not that that’s stopped others.

But the most important factor is just how young they both are. Even younger than Laura and Scotty and Lucky and Liz, and Georgie and Dillon, who also tied and untied the knot within a year, due to immaturity. Your high school love is never for the long haul!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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