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Why We Just Can’t Get Into Griffin & Kiki On General Hospital

Griffin and Kiki General HospitalGriffin and Kiki General Hospital

People seem split down the middle about the new romance between General Hospital medical mavens Griffin and Kiki, who came together under less-than-auspicious circumstances.

Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Ava (Maura West) were “on a break,” Kiki was sad, Griffin was sad, they both got drunk and the next thing you know, things happened, and then it was morning.

And then Ava was at the door wearing nothing but a trench coat and Kiki (Hayley Erin) hid in the closet. And Ava and Griffin were happy again, and when Kiki left, he didn’t even bother changing the sheets.

And oh yeah, Ava is Kiki’s mother so doubly ick. Yes, we know Ava slept with Kiki’s boyfriend, but he was really her ex-boyfriend by then and wanted Ava. Plus, we like to pretend Denise DeMuccio never actually happened, so won’t count Ava and Morgan’s indiscretion then.

Still, if you put aside the fact that Kiki is now in a brand-new romance with her mother’s ex, this still doesn’t work.

Suddenly, what happened the night of the Nurses’ Ball was something they wanted deep down and not influenced by alcohol.

It doesn’t matter that Griffin was back with Ava the second she flashed him and kept what he did hidden for months, ostensibly because he loved her. Apparently, he really wanted Kiki all along.

We can buy that Kiki maybe wanted Griffin, although we’re not quite sure why because there is nothing exciting about him.

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Plus, there is nothing exciting about them. Their love scenes are awkward, they seem to want to hurt Ava more than help each other, and we just don’t feel the chemistry.

And even if all that was not the case, we can’t get invested in them because we know Hayley Erin is leaving the show (and Kiki just might be killed), so this romance is going nowhere fast.

That prompts us to ask, why is GH wasting screen time on them when there are so many other stories that could be featured. We want to see more Quartermaines, more Anna, and even more of Kristina’s life.

Instead, we have ‘Griki’ knowing they’re over before they even have a chance to truly get started. Maybe that’s a good thing. But if they’d kept it in the friend zone, it would have been even better.

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