General Hospital

So Many Jasons, So Little Time…But Which One’s Right For Sam?

We’re suffering from an excess of Jasons on General Hospital (GH). There’s the one who just emerged from a coma, played by Billy Miller’s torso and arm for a few weeks, and one in a Russian clinic, being played by various parts of Steve Burton’s face and biceps.

While Sam’s overjoyed her bed-ridden husband is awake, and Ava (Maura West) tries to solve the mystery of the guy so dangerous he’s allowed to hang out in the open with other patients, we have more pressing questions to answer.

Does Kelly Monoco (Sam) have better chemistry with Miller or Burton? Over 7,000 viewers split the difference.

I Shall Marry the Miller’s Son
What have you done for me lately, 61% of the audience is asking themselves? And the answer they’ve come up with is that the latest Jason is the better model. Miller and Monaco sizzle (and alliterate) as JaSam, red-hot lovers and devoted parents.

Since we haven’t nailed down who exactly is who yet, there’s still plenty of time to leave Miller as Jason, and dub Burton as either a long-lost twin, an excellent plastic surgery job, or just a total and utter coincidence. You’ll take anything, as long as Miller remains Sam’s favorite Jason.

First Cut Is the Deepest
Burton’s Jason is the one that sold you on JaSam 1.0 in the first place, and that’s the one you plan to ride or die with (just like Sam remembers). Let the other guy be the impostor, whether he knows it or not.

Sure, there will be Scout’s pesky paternity to deal with (we know Burton’s Jason isn’t a fan of playing Daddy to someone else’s kid – unless it’s Carly and Michael), but you can straighten out the details later. The most important thing is to reunite Monaco and Burton on screen – before Ava gets her claws into him.

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