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Is There a Woman for Sonny Post-Carly on General Hospital?

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While for some General Hospital viewers Sonny and Carly are the greatest love whoever loved kind of love, the fact is, his pairings with Kate/Connie, Lily, and especially Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) definitely had their cheerleaders. Alas, two are now dead and one is… somewhere else.

Which all goes to prove that if Sonny (Maurice Benard) could love before Carly, he could love after. The question is, who should that new woman be? Almost 6,000 fans cast their vote!

Let Bygones Be Bygones
Kate/Connie and Lily may actually be dead, but Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was merely briefly dead to Sonny when she chose to side with Julian (William deVry). Sonny’s high moral standards couldn’t stand for that.

However, Sonny knows that Alexis’s high moral standards are flexible depending on the mobster she’s sleeping with, so 55% of you figure Sonny will have no problem taking his umpteenth baby mama back as soon as she, once again, agrees with Sonny that Julian is a bad mobster while Sonny is a good one. If Carly (Laura Wright) isn’t going to be there to prop up his ego in this respect, then Alexis will do just fine.

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Baby Mama Drama
Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is Sonny’s original baby mama, and 27% of the audience believe she and Sonny belong together. Little Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is pushing middle-age. Doesn’t he deserve to have his mommy and daddy back together (especially as things with his wife aren’t going so great)?

Crazy Is As Crazy Does
Sonny’s mental illness is portrayed as noble and sacrosanct suffering. Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) is played as a joke. Maybe if the two got together, they could split the difference, suggest 12% of fans. Or, at the very least, not inflict themselves on other innocent people.

Law and Disorder
Sonny is a criminal, Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) is a cop. If they were a couple, wacky high-jinks would ensue, swear 6% of you. Who wants to bet that Sonny would charm Jordan out of her silly principles about law, order, justice, and bad guys going to prison for crimes they actually committed?

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