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Two Times The Trouble? Jason’s Twin Coming To General Hospital (GH)?

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It’s a common soap opera problem, and General Hospital (GH) isn’t immune. Actor leaves show, character is recast. Actor wants to return to show, character is being played by someone else. Enter the magical, long-lost twin.

(Then again, GH did bring Sarah Brown, the original Carly, back on the canvas after Laura Wright had assumed the role with no relationship or explanation whatsoever and… yeah, that was weird.)

Now that Emmy-winner Steve Burton is headed back to GH and Billy Miller is settled in as Jason (though with a plastic-surgery explanation), long-lost twin sure sounds as if it’s a likely scenario.

But will fans go with it? Here’s what over 3,000 viewers had to say.

That’s a Double No To That!
Uhm… wonder 52% of you… haven’t we already played this game? Who remembers Franco (Roger Howarth)? The artistic psycho who was supposed to be Jason’s twin.

Seems that Jason’s biological mother, Susan, and his father, Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon), a doctor, had no idea that Susan was pregnant with twins. Then, Susan didn’t notice delivering two babies.

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GH nipped that twin scenario in the bud, and replaced it with an equally stupid one, wherein Heather (Robin Mattson) conceived a child with Scott (Kin Shriner) — before they ever met.

Then, Heather, who was in the middle of obsessing over Steven Lars, the son she’d given up, to the point where she sneaked out of a mental institution to try and kill his adoptive mother, gave away her subsequent child, Franco, without a second thought.

That made oodles of sense.

So you can see why fans are wary of any Jason twin scenario.

Clone Club
On the other hand, 47% love both Steve Burton and Billy Miller so much, they don’t care if Burton is a clone, a twin, a time traveler, Jason from an alternative universe — it doesn’t matter as long as both rockers of a tight black T-shirt are front and center on your screen every day — and sooner rather than later!

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