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How Will Peter React To The Alex News On General Hospital?

Peter and Alex General HospitalPeter and Alex General Hospital

After years of keeping our fingers crossed, General Hospital fans finally got the payoff they’ve been hoping for: Peter isn’t Anna and Faison’s son, he’s Alex’s.

General Hosptial Polling

Peter (Wes Ramsey), however, has made a life out of making Anna (Finola Hughes) feel guilty for abandoning him and using that guilt to keep her from calling him on the carpet for all the crimes he’s committed. Now that the truth about Alex’s maternity is out, how will Peter react when he finds out? Over 3,000 viewers have their pet theories:

Break It Up

A majority 40% expect him to have a nervous breakdown. Peter isn’t exactly a paragon of mental stability to begin with. The one thing he had to cling to was his moral superiority over his neglectful mother. Once he finds out that his actual neglectful mother is a woman he won’t be able to manipulate (if she turns up alive) by putting on his sads face, Peter will have no other option than to collapse into a temper tantrum others will interpret as a nervous breakdown.

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Can Peter Be Good?

A smaller 32% of General Hospital fans believe it will be the motivation he needs to straighten up and fly right for the benefit of Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and their unborn child. Knowing he’s the offspring of two horrible people, Peter will be determined to prove that biology isn’t destiny and that he can turn over a new leaf. Peter becoming good would have driven Faison (Anders Hove) crazy.

Dark Moon On the Rise

Finally, 28% of you anticipate the exact opposite result. You figure Peter will use Alex being his real mother as the excuse he’s always wanted to really go bad to the bone. Now that he knows he’s all bad – genetically speaking – he’ll just add it to his oh, my poor childhood litany as justification for anything he does that other people don’t like. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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