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Vanessa Marcil Sets the Record Straight About Brenda’s Son


Sonny and Brenda were one “General Hospital’s” most popular couples ever, but alas they never seemed to get it together for long and he always seemed to leave her standing in the rain.

Last time Vanessa Marcil reprised the role of Brenda in 2013, we believed Brenda had a son with her ex, Aleksander! Allegedly, his mother had rendered Brenda unconscious to steal her child–only to show up in Port Charles with him years later.

Now Marcil insists Alec wasn’t Brenda’s after all, although many fans dare to differ. Recently, Marcil set the record straight about Brenda and her non-son.

“She never had a kid,” Marcil insisted to TV Line. “You think that Brenda would be the type of girl that would give birth to a child and then not see him for eight years? And then all of a sudden he’s there, and some shady mob person goes, ‘This is your child,’ and she’s like, ‘Oh, OK’? I mean, that’s not her at all. If Brenda gave birth to a child in a hospital, she would know it, and that kid would be with her.”

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Actor Maurice Benard (Sonny) had his own take on the matter, and tweeted in a somewhat joking manner:


Are Brenda and Sonny sparring again, as always? Or, is this all just tongue-in-cheek. We tend to believe the actress who created the character, as Marcil claims to know every move Brenda has made throughout her life–both in and out of Port Charles.

“When you play a role you’re supposed to create their past, so I can tell you every single thing that happened in Brenda’s life before you start seeing her on-screen — in high school when she was 17 and all that crap,” she told TV Line. “So there was this whole debate [on Twitter], which always cracks me up…they were arguing about what happened with Brenda’s baby that she supposedly all of a sudden had, eight years later, but Brenda didn’t know about. Like, Brenda must be doing some strong drugs if she didn’t realize she had a baby!”

So, there ya have it straight from “Brenda” herself. She may have wanted a baby, but she didn’t actually have one.

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