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How General Hospital Missed The Boat On Peter’s Parentage…Again

Alex and Peter General HospitalAlex and Peter General Hospital

So, Anna Devane definitely did NOT sleep with Cesar Faison in order to trap him for his crimes and then give birth to his son. What a relief because the thought was too much for General Hospital fans to bear for way too long. Except…she’s not about to tell Peter that. Nope, not a relief.

Note To General Hospital: Please Fix This

The soap realized its egregious error in giving Anna (Finola Hughes) a child with Faison (and rewriting story by telling us she was not a virgin when she met Robert (Tristan Rogers), as we had been led to believe for decades) well over a year ago but it took this long to finally re-write the re-write and let us know once and for all that Peter (Wes Ramsey) is Alex Devane’s and not our beloved Anna’s.

Sadly, Anna has decided to go on pretending that Peter is her’s for the sake of…Peter. God forbid Peter got more bad news about his parentage. It might send him over the edge just as he’s settled into a semi-normal life (in which he is still calling mystery people to have them “take care of” other people who might ruin that life) and expecting his own child.

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YES! Anna, it might. And that is what we need right now to make things interesting. That would be soap opera. A former villain (still doing villain things) is becoming one of the good guys, accepted into Port Charles society, starting a family — and then BOOM! he learns one more horrible thing about his parentage. That he’s the product of not one deranged lunatic, but TWO. (Never mind the other Alex Devane from Pine Valley, who was most certainly NOT a deranged lunatic.)

Rather than Peter thinking he has the best mom in the world and going through life like everything’s coming up roses, he has a crisis of conscience — and genetics. That’s what we have been waiting to see play out.

Instead, we are going to watch Anna keep a secret from Finn (Michael Easton), have it ruin their relationship eventually, and still have Peter saddled to Anna as her son. This is not what we signed up for, GH. We need the truth revealed to Peter. Soon. Can we please do that? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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