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Does GH Have Room For TWO Jasons???

General Hospital JasonsGeneral Hospital Jasons

Ever since news broke of Steve Burton returning to General Hospital (GH), fans have been trying to imagine a Port Charles with two Jasons – since Billy Miller is now playing the massively popular role.

Of the almost 3,000 who voted in Soap Hub’s poll, some are having an easier time than others visualizing all of the possibilities.

In the End, There Can Only Be One
Steve Burton may not have been the first Jason Quartermaine. Two child actors assumed the role first, including Quinn Carlson, real-life son of Gail Rae Carlson, the actress who played Jason’s biological mother, Susan Moore.

And even when teenaged Burton stepped into the part in 1991, Jason was better known for the ugly Christmas sweater he wore, and his extremely bland romance with Keesha Ward.

It was only after a near-deadly car accident wiped out his memories and turned preppy med student Jason Quartermaine into leather jacket wearing, brooding mob hit-man Jason Morgan, that fans really started to take notice.

They loved Jason with Robin (Kimberly McCullough), with Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and with Sam (Kelly Monaco), so it took some getting used to before they embraced Billy Miller in 2014.

And now that they have, 62% insist Billy is the only Jason they need.

A Tale Of Two Jasons
On the other hand, 37% of you are a bit more open-minded.

What do you think? Post a comment!

You can imagine a Port Charles where Jason has a long-lost twin (though didn’t we just go down that avenue with Franco a couple of years ago?).

Or one where Billy Miller’s incarnation is a fake with implanted memories.

Or maybe Burton will play a ghost, Jason’s conscience, the real him that Jason talks to when times get tough.

Back in the previous century, ABC’s One Life to Live replaced James DePaiva as Max with Nicholas Walker (a horrible recast as the pair were very different physical and personality types) by claiming he’d undergone plastic surgery.

When DePaiva returned to the role, it was dealt with via a wink to the camera and a fourth-wall breaking, “I feel like the old Max.”

GH fans don’t want to see a repeat of that. They are open to anything, no matter how outrageous, if it will allow them to keep both their Jasons.

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