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When He’s Good He’s Good, When He’s Bad He’s Better: General Hospital’s (GH) Drew’s Future

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It would seem that General Hospital’s (GH) Drew is a blank slate. Sure, he was a good guy – well, as good as anyone with a connection to Sonny can be – but that was while he had Original Jason’s (Steve Burton) memories.

Now that he knows he isn’t Jason, hit-man with a heart of gold (and a box of pain), Drew (Billy Miller) is scrambling around for an alternate personality beyond Guy Who Has Sam (Kelly Monaco) – for now.

So this is where the fans come in. Do you want Drew to be good, bad… or even better? Over 4,000 viewers chimed in:

I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drew(n) That Way
Stay the course, urge 68% of you. You got used to Drew wearing the white hat (and ditching the black T-shirt), and you’d prefer to keep him that way. If Drew is to hold onto Sam, he needs to keep showing her how he is different from Jason.

And if Drew is to keep your support for the pairing, he definitely needs to do it. Drew puts his family first. Drew doesn’t kill people. Those are all big selling points. For a good guy.

Bad To the Bone
Good, according to Spaceballs, is dumb. It is also, according to 31% of the audience, boring. You grit your teeth when you thought it was Jason suddenly getting all domestic and buying media companies, instead of standing by Sonny (Maurice Benard).

What do you think? Post a comment!

But now that you know Drew’s real past is a mystery, you’re hoping it includes more than sipping tea and playing catch. Drew may have lost one son, Jake, and gained another one, Oscar.

But you’re hoping he ditches the whole family guy thing and reveals his dark side. Drew could be anyone. He could have done anything. And that possibility is certainly more interesting than anything that he’s doing now.

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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