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Here’s The ONE THING That HAS To Happen On General Hospital NOW!!!

Valentin on General HospitalValentin on General Hospital

There’s only one way to move forward with the character of Valentin and that is to clear him of Nikolas’s murder on General Hospital (GH).

While he was cleared in the eyes of the law, he’s not cleared in the eyes of all fans or the characters on the soap. Instead, Laura (Genie Francis) still sees him as the man who murdered her son in cold blood and now her daughter suddenly shares a child with him.

She went so far as to take out her anger and grief by clocking him over the head with a crowbar last week. We just don’t think it was deserved.

Maybe it was by accident or maybe not, but James Patrick Stuart has taken the alleged most evil Cassadine of them all and turned him into someone we feel for and want to root for.

But, how can we do that when the good, moral, and veteran character we love can’t find an ounce of sympathy for him because they believe he killed someone they love.

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Answer: We can’t. Instead, we’re left feeling conflicted, wondering how a man could do what Val did last year and then come back and be the man he’s been since late fall. None of it makes sense.

We’ve said before GH has to find a way to bring Nikolas back and clear this up, but if they can’t, they then need to at least have Valentin clear it up himself. He has hinted he didn’t kill Nikolas, but he has to come right out and tell Laura her son faked his death not once, but twice.

If Nik isn’t recast, then have Valentin say he has no idea where he is–just that he is alive somewhere. That can send Laura and Kevin on an adventure, with Valentin also explaining that he thought the gun he shot Kevin with had blanks (to explain that seemingly cold-blooded act).

And, in the end, GH needs to sign James Patrick Stuart to a contract already so they don’t lose him. He has become an integral part of the show and a performer we can’t keep our eyes off. When lightning strikes like this, you scoop it up, fix it up, and don’t let it go.

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