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Hayden’s White Knight on General Hospital

Finn and Hayden on General HospitalFinn and Hayden on General Hospital

Hayden got herself in quite a pickle on General Hospital when her clumsiness infected her with the same mystery disease that took Finn’s wife’s life–and threatens to take his.

For some reason, the disease seems to be working its black magic through Hayden’s system faster than Finn’s, making it a race to save her in time.

Soap Hub asked if you think the man who rescued Tracy (Jane Elliott) from worms on the brain can perform the same trick with the woman he’s fallen for.

It seems a lot of you are really rooting for this couple since more than 7,000 voted and 93% have faith in Finn (Michael Easton).

First, you don’t think Hayden (Rebecca Budig) is going anywhere anytime soon since the show could have just sent her to jail for the diamond hoarding but didn’t.

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Second, you just know this story will have a happy ending and bring Hayden and Finn closer than ever. With the slow buildup to their romance, you feel something needs to give here and a life-saving act can be the catalyst.

Still, 7% of you think Hayden will either meet her soap maker or someone else will come to the rescue instead. Perhaps Finn will become too ill to continue his research and both of them will need someone to pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute. Maybe Dr. Griffin (Matt Cohen) will save them all.

After all, he’s apparently still a priest, and he can perform a double miracle–one from science and one from God.

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