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Is Hayden A Glutton For Punishment On General Hospital (GH)?

Finn and Hayden on General HospitalFinn and Hayden on General Hospital

When Hayden first arrived in Port Charles, all we knew was that Rick hired her to pretend to be Jake Doe’s fake wife so he could be with Elizabeth on General Hospital (GH).

Once her secret was revealed at the Nurses’ Ball two years ago, she hopped right into bed with Nikolas and then lingered in a coma for months after Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) had her shot in the head.

When she woke, we learned she was quite the glutton for punishment. Hayden (or should we say Rachel) knew in her heart Nikolas ordered that hit on her, got the proof thanks to Curtis, and married the man anyway. She married a man WHO HAD HER SHOT IN THE HEAD!!! Who does that? We guess Jeff Webber’s (secret) little girl.

With Nikolas allegedly dead, the new widow became friends with Finn, reformed her ways, and fell in love. Recently, Hayden (Rebecca Budig) was there while Finn (Michael Easton) detoxed and said some really rotten things through the night.

Then, Hayden ran the other way. Soap Hub asked if she did the right thing or if after marrying the guy that ordered a hit on her, some detox talk is really okay.

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Love Conquers All
Out of about 4,000 votes, 82% of you want Hayden to stick by Finn’s side. So, he said some harsh words when half out of it. At least she didn’t linger in a coma for months because of some verbiage.

Cut the guy some slack, you say. It’s not easy to break an opioid addiction, which is why it’s such a deadly epidemic throughout our country right now.

A Change Of Pace
Another 12% do think she’s a glutton for punishment and needs to try someone new. Neither of her PC relationships have worked out for the best and fresh blood is just what Hayden needs.

Universal Chemistry
Of course, there are 6% of you who think Hayden belongs with Curtis, as Donnell Turner has chemistry with just about anyone (or even any prop) in PC. That kiss on Tuesday may have been Hayden trying to forget, but it sure made an impression on some. (Plus, he definitely deserves better than Jordan–anyone does.)

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