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The Hayden Debacle: At Least GH Left The Door Open…Otherwise…


Something tells us General Hospital (GH) didn’t realize how popular actress Rebecca Budig is–as well as the character she took from day player con woman to flawed heroine.

Of course, we have no idea why they wouldn’t know this considering Budig’s longtime popularity as Greenlee Smythe on All My Children.

This should have been an ABC Daytime no brainer.

You have a popular actress from a show nobody really wanted canceled, you pair her with a popular actor, you create a story and surprise pregnancy for them, so YOU KEEP HER!

Now, GH thinks it has a mystery going on, but when the fans know the actress was fired (for reasons still officially unknown), tweets like this don’t play.

No, sorry, Finn is not going to find Hayden because you wrote her off the show in the most ridiculous way possible. (OK, it wasn’t other worldly, but it was still ridic.)

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Sure, let’s bring her ex-husband to town and reveal why she REALLY changed her name and life. Let’s add LAYERS to the character to make her more interesting and then POOF! She’s gone.

What was that? Oh yes, it was clearly a last-minute decision to do this to a character who fell into this quirky romance and suddenly learned she was pregnant after the man she now loves got off opioids.

Nice touch for Finn (Michael Easton) to remember what he said to Hayden while detoxing today, but something tells us that scene wasn’t originally written to help explain her exit. This was hastily thrown together and now leaves Michael Easton in limbo without a love interest.

Well, at least we’re getting Steve Burton back. We guess that’s supposed to be our consolation prize.

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