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Has Sam Lost Her Mind? General Hospital (GH) Fans Have the Answer!

Sam on General HospitalSam on General Hospital

On General Hospital (GH), Sam has plenty of reasons to stab Sonny, starting from way back when he dumped her to fend for herself while she was pregnant with his child, and then wasn’t there to support her when baby Lila died.

Since then, Sonny has been responsible for tons more heartbreak, both for Sam, and for the people she loves.

Yet, nonetheless, GH fans still believe the only reason the former con-artist could have for stabbing the current mobster is because she’s lost her mind (OK, the voices in her head also point in that direction).

Their only other query is whether the cause is medical, psychological, toxicological, or, you know, since this is GH… the result of a curse.


And how soon she’ll be over it. Over 10,000 viewers weighed in on both issues:

She Will Survive!
Sam (Kelly Monoco) is a tough cookie. She gave birth after falling off a mountain, for Pete’s sake! That’s why 63% of you know that she’ll pull through this, too.

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If it’s a brain tumor, they’ll get rid of it (hopefully, she won’t pick up Franco’s personality as a result).

If it’s some kind of repressed trauma popping to the surface, then Jason’s (Billy Miller) love can get her through anything.

After Effects
And if it’s poison, 32% of the audience believe Sam will still persevere, but there might be some long-term consequences, such as amnesia, or maybe falling in love with Sonny (Maurice Benard) again – which is basically the same thing.

As for Helena’s curse – isn’t there some kind of statute of limitations on those things? Helena has been dead for a while now. If it’s like a copyright, her curse should expire soon.

No Going Back
A tiny minority, 3%, are scared that they’ll never get the old Sam back.

And this pisses them off. Sam is such a rich and multi-faceted character, 91% of you think she deserves a better storyline than going off her rocker – no matter what the reason.

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