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Is It A ‘Grava’ Mistake To Pair Griffin and Ava on ‘General Hospital’ (GH)?

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There’s no such thing as a soap couple or story that ‘everyone’ loves – or hates. Yet General Hospital’s (GH) pairing of ice-cold mafia princess Ava Jerome (Maura West) and hot ex-priest/doctor Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) has come the closest to splitting audiences right down the middle.

In this week’s poll, only 70 votes decide the winner from the loser. Here’s what over 5,000 of you had to say about the couple:

I’m Lovin’ It!
It was a squeaky close call, but 51% of you came down on the side of Grava 4 Evah! You’re captivated by the idea of the good (in this case, almost saintly) guy who makes the bad (in this case, pretty criminal) girl break down her defenses, expose her vulnerabilities, and maybe even commit to ordering less murders.

And it’s not as if Ava is all bad. She loves her daughters. And her brother.

And then there was her complex relationship with Morgan (Bryan Craig). She kind of loved him, too.

As for Griffin, we know his type: The blonde schemer. Claudette, anyone? He couldn’t reform her – is Griffin seeing a second chance at redemption with Ava?

What do you think? Post a comment!

This has been a slow-build relationship, the kind soaps rarely do anymore, and you are here for the ride!

Kill It! Kill It!
Are you kidding me, shout back 49%? We’ve seen this story before, we know how it ends. Sure, Ava had some feelings for Morgan. Obviously, she likes her men young, innocent (and a wee bit dumb).

But, you also remember how it ended, with Ava switching Morgan’s meds, and him ultimately going boom (through absolutely, positively no fault of Sonny’s, of course).

You don’t want to risk Griffin meeting the same fate. Port Charles is full of women more deserving of his cute smile and bedside manner. If he ended up with Ava, it would be just be a case of a bad deeds being rewarded!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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