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What’s Going On With Kevin On General Hospital? Or Maybe That’s Ryan

Jon Lindstrom General HospitalJon Lindstrom General Hospital

Dr. Ryan Chamberlain has been dead for a VERY long time on General Hospital (GH). Or, at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe now since the mid-1990s.

That’s quite a few decades where we’ve only had Kevin and he’s been back burnered so much, it’s easy to forget he had an insane twin brother who was once obsessed with Felicia (Kristina Wagner), but was killed in an explosion.

For a little back story, Ryan and Kevin were separated as children when their father learned their mother was sexually abusing Ryan. He left with Kevin, but never knew their mother sexually abused him too–just one time, thinking Kevin was Ryan.

Ryan became a pediatrician and Kevin became a psychiatrist and many years have passed with Ryan as a distant memory, but we can’t deny that something strange is going on with Kevin and it didn’t start at Ferncliff last week.

Remember when Kevin sat there eating his lunch while he had Faison’s brain sitting in a jar on his desk.

He claimed it was to study his brain and upon studying it, they learned he Faison had Huntington’s Disease, but it seems no other Faison offspring had this genetic disorder.

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Could the Huntington’s Disease story have been a complete ruse this entire time? While we’re not 100% sure why Kevin or Ryan would have Faison’s brain, it sure didn’t seem very normal.

It also seems quite odd how quickly Kevin has been coming and going between his office and Ferncliff. At first we thought Ryan must be a patient there and is impersonating Kevin, but he does seem to be wearing the same in both places in the same episode.

Then, the end today seemed rather strange when the audience, Carly (Laura Wright), and Jason (Steve Burton) all heard a primal scream and the man we know as Kevin jumped in there fast to make sure Jason wouldn’t check it out. Could Ryan (or Kevin) be in that room?

Next week’s spoilers reveal that Jason doesn’t trust Kevin and even Lucy (Lynn Herring) is worried about her Doc. That tells us a story is starting here that will give Jon Lindstrom a chance to shine. But, will it take us all the way back to 1995?

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