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Go Krazy Or Go Home With Kreepy Kim On General Hospital

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We’re not 100% sure if both the General Hospital writers and Tamara Braun are trying to paint Kim as sympathetic in this Dranco Memory-Mapping Mess, but if they are, it’s not working.

The only thing many of us can feel for Kim (Tamara Braun) is disgust as she teeters on the very edge of sanity and slowly slips into the realm of the delusional. This is certainly not the fault of the uber-talented Braun.

She’s doing her job with the material she’s given, but the material doesn’t make her sympathetic and this current story is a culmination of a terrible year for the character in which she has done some terrible things for no logical and sane reason.

First, who doesn’t bother telling a teenager he has cancer, which is essentially playing God with his life? Any child, especially a teen, deserves this information if he only has a few short years left to live. Although Oscar (Garren Stitt) never thrilled us as a character, his rage at his mother for never telling him the truth for two years was justified.

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We sat through Oscar’s death and dying and somehow managed to find sympathy for Kim when Oscar was finally gone, but the things she started doing soon after his death were also terrible.

We get it. Kim loves babies. She delivers them for a reason. She treated Oscar like he was a possession and she needed another one, so why not drug his father and try to sexually assault him to get another one when the real Drew (Billy Miller) told her absolutely no? After that, it was further downhill to where we are now.

We don’t care if Dranco (Roger Howarth) has all of Drew’s memories and can tell Kim the life she remembers with Drew was real. We don’t care if she can relive it all through this body that is not Drew. Franco, aka Dranco, is NOT Drew (in ANY way whatsoever, and that deserves it’s own Soap Hub article) and any logical person would stop calling him such.

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