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Gilmore Girl Games: Is Valentin Behind Nina’s ‘Daughter’ on General Hospital?

Nina and Valentin General HospitalNina and Valentin General Hospital

If there was one thing General Hospital fans have known about Nina almost from the beginning, it’s how much she’s wanted a baby, after waking up from a 20-year coma to find out that the child she remembered expecting had been miscarried.

Nina (Michelle Stafford) went so far in her quest for motherhood that she drugged Ava (Maura West) and cut Avery out of her body, then laid quick claim to Charlotte, before agreeing to share with Lulu (Emme Rylan).

Now that Madeline (Donna Mills) has confessed that Nina (allegedly) gave birth, after all, and Madeline placed the baby girl up for adoption, Curtis (Donell Turner) has come up with Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). And, what do you know? The DNA matches! Sasha is Nina’s long-lost daughter!

Well, that was… convenient. And easy. An un-soap-like. So what role did Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) play in this mother-child reunion? Is he behind everything? Here’s how almost 8,000 fans see it.

Valentin’s Day
He planned the whole thing from the start, 87% of you feel confident. Madeline’s out-of-nowhere confession was followed almost immediately by her death in prison.

Something Valentin could arrange with the snap of a finger. And then a random girl – who has a horse print on her purse, which is obviously a genetic marker – agrees to a DNA test, which proves that she’s Nina’s long-lost child.

Nina finally has what she’s always wanted. And who got it for her? Why, Valentin, of course! Surely, she’ll forgive her estranged husband now! And they can all live happily ever after as a family. How convenient… for him.

Clean Hands
Why would Valentin want to share Nina’s attention with some stranger, 12% of the audience can’t see him being so unselfish.

It would be more like Valentin to string Nina along, to keep promising to help find her child, while the two grow closer again in the process.

He’s much more likely to manipulate the situation so that he’s there for Nina as a shoulder to cry on when her search proves futile.

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