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GH Wild Spec: Is HAYDEN Lucas And Brad’s Baby Mama?!

General Hospital Wild SpecGeneral Hospital Wild Spec

It’s been a mystery for all these months whose baby are Brad and Lucas adopting on General Hospital — and then it became so obvious — Hayden!

When last we saw Hayden (Rebecca Budig), it was clear that she hadn’t lost the baby and was still pregnant. Now that the baby’s father, Finn (Michael Easton), is in love with Anna (Finola Hughes), you just know that his past has to come back to kick him in the rear.

That past is his son, now named Wiley. At least that is our wild speculation — and it doesn’t seem so out there. After all, to quote Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS, we don’t believe in coincidences — certainly not on soaps.

Did we really think Lucas (Ryan Carnes) and Brad (Parry Shen) would be adopting just some random baby out there in soapland? When does that ever happen? No, it has to be someone we know — and we sure know Hayden.

But there’s another part of this that isn’t so obvious but we’re going to wildly speculate about it anyway. Why are Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Brad so close suddenly? Other than they both have a scheming side, it’s hard to understand. But — that one thing in common might be it!

What if Nelle realized she needed to come up with a baby but wasn’t pregnant? What if the real father of her baby is… wait for it… Brad? He would have been right there to switch the DNA results to “prove” that Michael (Chad Duell) is her baby’s father.

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It may be farfetched but it’s a way to keep Michael from being forever attached to the likes of Nelle. All this time, we have been waiting for a baby switch with all these pregnant women on the show. Could that still happen?

Wiley is still in the hospital and Nelle will clearly be brought in soon after that accident. Will something happen to Wiley – and will Nelle’s baby end up taking his place?

This is all just wild speculation but it could really shake things up in Port Charles.

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Video Credit: Victoria Barajas

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