General Hospital

GH Spoilers: Weekly Update for August 15-19


GH gave us a cluster of nonstop clashes and conflicts this week. Carly may have finally found some real information about Jocelyn’s kidney donor, Julian is practically being invited to cause trouble, and Kristina is starting to discover how much her life has been manipulated. If this keeps up – and it almost certainly will – we’ll be in for a must-see week of burning drama. Here are the spoilers!

Jason learns he’s going to be a dad just as Franco and Liz grow closer. Meanwhile, a wedding is in the works, bringing some bonding time between Lulu and Maxie, and between Dante and Nathan. On the legal side, Alexis attends an important hearing with Olivia in tow. As for that hospital murder mystery, Valerie makes an important discovery.

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Comments (83)
  1. PATRICIA says:

    So many new characters and so many stories going on and their is never an end to any of them. MANY CHARACTERS could be shown the EXIT DOOR. I am so glad I record GH. Fast forwarding makes watching GH so much easier. Just My Opinion.

    1. Anthony Satchell says:

      i download the episodes

    2. rcr says:

      get rid cristina,really,,,please

      1. Lynn says:

        And bring back Brad and Lucas

    3. rcr says:

      get rid cristina,really,,,please

      1. #1GHFAN says:

        I agree. She is a useless character in the show.

    4. Liz says:

      Thank goodness for fast forwarding! Husband can watch the showin 14 minutes, then when I get home I take 24 minutes to watch it. Yes I got him hooked! But with too many new people, old story lines and things that happened 25 yrs ago ” ice princess” and crap. New fans don’t care they want good stories, great actors and to be entertained for an hour.

      1. kathy says:

        I fast forward also I wish they would allow me to write some storylines.

    5. Mary says:

      I do not understand you people needing it to be easier to watch a TV show. Don’t watch it at all if you simply aren’t up to that gruesome task. Really, the posters are so much more dramatic than the show every day and not nearly as interesting.

  2. Anthony Satchell says:

    Kristina may do everything she can to get parker back despite her feelings for aaron

    1. Raina says:

      Lol She doesn’t have feelings for Aaron. She’s in love with PARKER. I think some of you watch the show on mute or something.

      1. VICTORIA says:

        AH A,she is confused as a youngster.and certainly there will come a time where she will find herself. She has time to learn that shes a beauty, and has a mom whos also complicated.. .P. S HEY G HFRIENDS.
        (LUKE ).will reprise his phenomenal role of a beloved actor and multiple EMMY wining man and other diversified GENRE
        S.. G` H, is the ONLY SOAP I have ever watched for around 35 years.
        (MONICA) and BILLY as most of you know are in REAL time in loving each other. General Hospital is MAGNIFIQUE. . . .. .

        1. Liz says:

          Are you sure it’s Monica with Billy? Leaving the beach yesterday we saw Billy and Kelly kissing. Living in LA area of Calif, you see many in tv in grocery stores etc. you smile and let them buy their stuff. Treat with respect.

        2. Barbara says:

          I don’t think he would be with Monica, I think you meant Kelly Monaco. Very close last name. Love them together.

        3. Louise says:

          Monica is too old for Billy (Jason). Let’s get real

  3. Taunya Booker says:

    I think Nelle is Jax’s daughter can’t wait until the truth comes out. I also think she looks good with Michael. Will continue to tune in

    1. Jolene says:

      I think she might be Carly’s sister never thought of being Jax’s daughter or maybe even Jerry’s!

      1. Louise says:

        Too young to be Carly’s sister – could be Jax’s daughter.

    2. Kathryn Marzano says:

      Never thought of that but Jax knows something

      1. Audrey Morgan-Benson says:

        No she is not Jax’s he would never sacrifice one of his children. Why is Josselyn older than Spenser and he was born a couple of years ahead of her. He is Courtney’s son and she died before Carly and Jax even got together.

        1. Carolyn says:

          When Carly came in 1996 she was 22, had Michael in Dec.26 1997 ,Morgan Oct.24 2003,Josslyn Nov.3 2009 ,all her children have been aged.Found on General Hospital characters page.

        2. prettyhipps says:

          She could very well be his daughter and he could’ve been sworn to secrecy

    3. Audrey Morgan-Benson says:

      I think Jax is embarrassed cause he took advantage of Nell and her family. It is against the law to buy organ’s. He is trying to cover up his part in having his crew steal her organ. He nor her parents had no right to do that to a child. That is why he tried to throw Carly off by pretending Helena did it. Jax is a selfish snake. Sonny would have put money away for the child to give her a good life.

      1. Bonnie says:

        I think you are right, Ajax bought that kidney which is why he didn’t want it to come out.

    4. Marsha says:

      Jax would not have done that to his own child. However, I do believe he did acquire and pay for the kidney illegally

  4. Donna Tanner says:

    Kristina is a spoiled brat!

  5. Donna Tanner says:


  6. Laura Bensted says:

    getting better and better

  7. PATRICIA says:

    I agree Kristina is a BRAT!!!! Send her off to England or some out of the country school till she matures. She is annoying. Just My Opinion.

    1. Siouxzan says:

      I’d like to see a different actress play Kristina.

  8. Judy says:

    Time for Kristina to go away ….she’s so spoiled and thinks she’s entitled

  9. Tammy Peak says:

    Looks like next week is going to be a show stopper!!!!!!!!

    1. Liz says:

      They always say next week show stopper! Wait till next week, get your popcorn Oooooooo! Never happens. Another writer says Tyler coming back in September but not as Nickolas , “as he is dead ” but as new person for the show. He just looks like Nic. If Easton can do it? I don’t believe it.

      1. Sue says:

        Ugh… I hope not. The last time they did that with Tyler it was terrible.

  10. janie Jessee says:

    Love getting up to date info.

  11. Louise says:

    This is becoming crazy. We can do without Nina and her whining ways. Nathan belongs with Maxie but he has to step up – he is getting wimpy too. I like Jasam and a new baby would get things going again. I would like to see Helyna come back only to be kicked in the butt by all who despise her. I have been watching for over 30 years and nothing ever changes. I love it!!

  12. Cathy Delgado says:

    I’M not really a big GH fan anymore since there are so many stories going on.I now watch it on YOU TUBE and fast forward through the boring parts.Come on writers,end some of the stories before you start a new one.As for Kristina please find yourself and GROW UP! Sorry GH but you just lost one of your fans.Hopefully not permanently.

  13. Sandy says:

    Jax is the one who bought the kidney for his daughter.

    1. Mary says:

      I agree Jack brought the kidney but who helped him? Maybe his brother.

      1. Sandy says:

        His mother.

  14. Anngel says:

    On Fridays show Christina really was so disrespectful to Alexis I wanted to slap her! What the heck, how dare you GH writers allow this crap w/o anyone there like Sonny to stop that brat from talking to her mother like this. I really wish Aaron would have been there to witness what he is NOT missing, and to ask her is this the way you treat there plp who love you, wow?! I hope the GH writers do not bring back that sassy mouth Parker either ughhh!! Frustrated right now with all this garbage! ?

  15. bracy lynn says:

    I really love watching g&h every day. I have watched [email protected] since it started onthe

  16. bracy lynn says:

    I really love watching g&h every day. I have watched [email protected] since it started onthe

  17. Barbara says:

    I think jax maybe nelle’s father or he just paid off her family for her kidney, but she looks like Carly’s daughter, now they could be sisters, but jaxs really wants this girl belle out it town. On the other hand I am happy jasam is having a baby and it would be great if you guys will let them have this baby with no problems they have already been through enough give them a break

  18. Amanda Alger says:

    Love watching General Hospital. Been a huge fan for a long time. I love that Sam and Jason are going to have a baby i hope nothing goes wrong they deserve to be happy. I wonder what else Jax is hiding other than the fact he had something to do with getting that kidney. Looking forward to see what else is coming up for fall sweeps. But the hospital killings are getting old let’s just see who it is and move on to something better.

  19. Margie says:

    If Nicolas can’t come back as himself then what’s the point!!! I do think Nelle has ties to Jacks of some sort but not quite sure how….a daughter, maybe. If it’s his daughter…. by who!!!??? who’s the mom? Kristina and the young dude need to get back together just to have a good outcome from all that chaos in her life!!!! and we can move on from that disaster!. Lol. If they let Julian get those keys and escape that’s like plain WRONG!!! Think twice writers before you let that happen! js.
    Thank Goodness Sam get to tell Jason abt the baby!!! No point starting out with secrets…. even the smallest of smallest ones.
    Please do something with that jealous,crazy Dr.O….she’s “killing” us!!!?!

  20. Debbie Wirth says:

    Going To be jacks daughter or his brother daughter

  21. JoAnn says:

    Bring back nurse Johnson love her want to see more of Diane Miller she is great with Max no more gay stuff I don’t like the commissioner not a good actor

  22. JoAnn says:

    They need to end some of these stories give us closur

  23. Anne says:

    I love GH, but it is getting kind of stale, no real excitement, too much angst. When Luke was there, there was some comedy included which made GH more interesting. I am in the minority, but I do NOT like Sam and Jason!

    1. Carolyn says:

      Anne, I agree with you on not liking Sam & Jason. They are both so annoying!! Kristina is also such a pain, so whiny. I never thought of Nelle being Jax daughter! But what a story that would be if it’s true!!! Good result!!

  24. Mickey Roberts says:

    My husband and I both enjoy the show together.

  25. donna day says:


  26. Susan says:

    Love the show. I stop everything at 1:00pm and watch GH it is the only show I watch during the day time. Love it and all the story lines.

  27. Brandie says:

    Can’t wait for rhis weeks episodes gonna be good week…

  28. Carolyn says:

    I enjoy this site, I am new to it, but I like having these little tidbits to look forward to.

  29. Felice martinez says:

    I think Nelle is Jax or Jerry’s daughter. Maybe Ajax bought a kidney black market. Eather way Ajax had something to do with it!!

  30. penny13 says:

    Thanks Tiffany!

  31. Gloria says:

    What does Elizabeth possibly see in Franco? And Franco, he was madly I love with Nina and 5 seconds later he can’t live without Liz? Oh I forgot, he’s crazy! Also about Franco. He looks as old as his father Scottie.

  32. Nancy Horick says:

    Some good thoughts on the happenings. I feel like Jax is hiding something but Helena was mixed in this problem so Im ‘ puzzled, Now Nelle may be a thought for Michael cause he is gonna need someone to fall back on when the truth comes out about Sabrina and Joe. the chemistry is there.

  33. amber says:

    I agree with you Taunya Booker. I also believe Nelle might be some how related to one of them. There is something up there as Jacks was worried and got on the phone with someone.

  34. kat says:

    I have a question: is the actress who plays Nelle the same one who played young Patricia Spencer in Luke’s flashback to the night his parents died? She looks very familiar. I love the Spencers storylines & really do miss Luke!!!! Wish he would pop in for a visit but I know he probably will not:(

    1. Bonnie says:

      Yes, played Luke’s sister in the flashbacks.

  35. Rhonda Dykes says:

    I think Jax knew Jake was alive & he found his own donor & paid the parents off because he knew thy were having a hard time making ends meet & they were about to lose everything. He doesn’t want anyone to find out what he did & what he knew about Jake. Thats why he’s so worried of the truth coming out her daughter will be crushed.

  36. Steve Simon says:

    Love Soaphub but want to be a prize winner finally. #AFANCANHOPE. Anyway and anyhoo. Loving GH right now, Better and better. Laura with a story cant wait for Anna to return in fall. No way Lukes dead. Glad Jason and Sam are having a baby. Still Say Fr. O is hospital killer. Love Finn and want her to leave him alone. Glad more screen play for Maxie and Lulu and Nathan and Dante. Alexis was wrong with Kristina and way too harsh on what she said at one point. Hope Nell is Jocelyns donor.

  37. Peggy says:

    I hate the story line of Christina and Parker. They look so mismatched. Parker is to old and to tall for Christina. She needs to grow up and stop treating her mom the way she does. Have respect for what her mom is going through.

  38. Karen says:

    Love it

  39. Teresa says:

    I wonder if Nell is Jax’s daughter?

  40. Mari says:

    I believe Jax bought the kidney and is afraid of Josselyn finding out. Kristina also needs to make a decision how she feels about women. This back and forth is not the way to do it.

  41. Mari says:

    I also love the storyline of Brad and Lucas. Should bring that back instead of Morgan and Kiki.

  42. Bonnie says:

    I wish the ratings would include the many fans that religiously record General Hospital! It is my addiction and most of my friends too! Now as far as this week’s episodes regarding Nell, I’m curious to learn who she is related to. I know the writers must have something up their sleeve. I haven’t forgotten the speculation that Kiki was Nina’s daughter. Perhaps Nell could be Nina’s.

  43. Donna Jardine says:

    My DVR is always set for GH.

  44. Desha says:

    Not sure why people are so upset with the Kristina/Parker storyline. I think it has depicted a very real emotion that tons of people go through. Weather you agree or not with that life style you have to admit it’s been more realistic than some stories that have aired. And I think both Lexi Ainsworth and Ashley Jones have done a fantastic job with a very tough subject.

  45. Alida says:

    Franco needs a haircut. Jax knows something about the kidney donor, but I don’t think he’s the father, although she does look a lot like Jocelyn.

  46. PATRICIA says:

    At BracyLynn…It is GH, not g&h or [email protected]………I have been watching GH for 50+yrs. It
    has so many stories going on and not one of them gets finished….. Every thing is so serious….what happen to some comedy and love in the afternoon???? Writers get on the ball.

  47. Brenda says:

    Nelle is the daughter that Carly give up for adoption years ago.

  48. Janie says:

    Story lines growing out of hand don’t enjoy watching all wish I knew how to record but I just leave the room then come back ,

  49. Lisa MacGillivray says:

    Jax definitely bought that kidney for Jocelyn! That’s why he freaked out when he knew Carly was looking for the donor. I also think she might be his daughter because of the look of relief he had that they didn’t have to do more tests on her!

  50. Tammy says:

    I still think Jax is up to something with the kidney donor. I feel bad for Alexis.

  51. Angie pauley says:


  52. Angie pauley says:


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