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Get Her Good: Who Is Stalking Ava On General Hospital?

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On General Hospital, Ava received the gift of a cockroach. It doesn’t sound like it was sent out of love. More like hate. Someone is stalking her. And almost 5,000 viewers think they know who that might be:

General Hospital Polling: Nik’s Bad Boy

Over half of you, 54% expect it to be Nikolas‘s (Marcus Coloma) bad-seed son, Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel). Spencer has rarely liked the women in his dad’s life, and he’s already indicated that he finds Ava (Maura West) lacking – multiple times.

This is a kid who is used to getting his way. Not just because he was born a prince, but because all the adults around him seem to find his condescending attitude adorable, and have yet to discipline the little terror. Of course, Spencer would expect to scare Ava away. He can’t imagine not getting what he wants.

Bad Man

A smaller 24% think it’s Ryan (Jon Lindstrom). The psycho who pretended to be his twin brother, Kevin, and fooled Ava into thinking someone might actually love her for herself. She ended up turning on him. And Ryan doesn’t react well to betrayal. A cockroach seems right up his crawled-out-from-under-a-rock personality.

Stranger Danger

What if it’s someone not currently on our radar, 14% wonder. What if it’s… Morgan (Bryan Craig)? He’s got a good reason to be mad at Ava. It would be even cooler if he turns out to Avery’s father, after all. And, you know, not really dead.

Bad Mother

Finally, in last place, only 8% voted for Helena (Constance Towers). She’s supposed to be dead. But when has that ever stopped a Cassadine? If Spencer is an entitled brat, then his great-grandmother is the uber-example.

Ava could never be good enough for her precious Nikolas. If anyone can get rid of her efficiently, it’s Helena. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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