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General Hospital’s New BFFs Or Why Bobby And Andy Need To Go On A Road Trip

Drew and Franco General HospitalDrew and Franco General Hospital

Franco is funny. There’s no two ways about it. That’s Roger Howarth. Whether he’s Todd Manning on One Life to Live or Franco Baldwin on General Hospital (GH), he’s funny…and well, he’s Roger Howarth.

Drew can be funny, but of late he’s been WAY too serious running a media company and making sure he holds onto Sam.

It’s nice to see him actually wanting to figure out who he really is, and if we forget he has Jason’s memories in there, his new friendship with Franco is simply one of the best reasons to watch GH right now.

Sure, when he thought he was Jason, he didn’t want Franco anywhere near “his” son. But, he’s not Jason (yes, he still has the memories) and it turned out he spent the first three years of his life known as Andy and thought his brother was Bobby, now known as Franco.

We saw something was about to change between these two in the hospital stairwell right before the earthquake.

Franco was clearly flashing back to something traumatic and Drew could tell this was a different side of Franco and seemed to genuinely want to help.

It almost seems like a brotherly instinct is kicking in, with Drew wanting to protect a very vulnerable Franco. He knew something was wrong in that hotel room and did his best to rescue Franco, but of course that put them in the underground situation they’re in now.

Being trapped together with nobody else around is a great time for confessions, but it’s also a fantastic way to truly see the chemistry between Billy Miller and Roger Howarth. Their bickering along with their bonding is priceless and the stuff buddy movies are made of.

Of course, this is a soap and will never morph into a buddy movie, but come on, GH, send them on a road trip anyway. Just keep Bobby and Andy together for as long as possible as much as possible and they can be Jason and Sonny, but with HUMOR.

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