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Michael Easton On Life Without Hayden–“God Help Obrecht!”

Hayden and Finn on General HospitalHayden and Finn on General Hospital

General Hospital’s (GH) Hayden was just what the doctor ordered when it came to turning Finn’s life around. Now that she’s gone, what’s he going to do?

Michael Easton (Finn) tells Soap Hub that his good doctor character is going to need to rebuild his life now that the love of his life has departed.

You Always Hurt The One You Love
Easton describes his final scenes with Rebecca Budig (ex-Hayden) as heartbreaking but they were more emotional for the actor than they were for the character.

“I was aware that this was the last time that I’d be working with Rebecca, but Finn didn’t know that this was the last time he’d be seeing [Hayden],” Easton notes.

“Like Finn, I’m very fond of Rebecca. She’s fantastic, Emmy-quality right across the board. I had to catch myself and be more reserved in our final scenes because Finn doesn’t realize she’s walking out for the last time.”

Paging Dr. Jeff Webber
The writers had revealed that Liz and Hayden shared the same dad, Dr. Jeff Webber, a former General Hospital mainstay. While we met Hayden’s mom, Naomi (Robin Riker), viewers weren’t treated to once again seeing Jeff, which was too bad.

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Many believe it would have been helpful to have seen Liz and Hayden’s dad to help viewers relate to the two women as sisters and perhaps become more invested in Hayden’s life in Port Charles.

“I agree,” Easton said when Soap Hub pointed this out. “You can tease things for a while, you talk about this family constantly, but at some point we need to see them.”

Post-Hayden Prognosis
A world without Hayden is going to be challenging for Finn. “He’s going to have to put his life back together,” Easton says. “He has no purpose without her in so many ways.”

Just how bad will it get? “He has these demons he has to fight. He’s got a dark side.”

Theorizing into the future a bit, Easton adds, “God help Obrecht and Jared when he finds out they’re behind [her leaving]. I wouldn’t want to be them. Finn can be funny, goofy, and awkward, but he also has anger issues.”

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