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If General Hospital’s (GH) Sam Were a Barbie Doll, Would You Buy Adventure Or Corporate?

On General Hospital (GH), Sam has had more personalities and professions than she’s had hairstyles. She’s been a con-artist, a maid, a card shark, a PI, a VP, and then there was that ballroom dancer phase.

Usually, her personality changes depending on the man she’s with (and the head writer). Last year, Sam was so happy when her husband, Jason (Billy Miller), turned his back on the mob life in order to keep their family safe and launched Aurora Media.

Now, she is so happy that her presumed dead husband Jason (Steve Burton) – turned out the other guy is his heretofore unknown twin brother, Drew – is back in the mob life, back in the sleuthing life, and she’s a key part of his triad with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

But, which Sam (Kelly Monaco) do you prefer? Here’s how almost 7,000 fans voted.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Welcome back, Sam, 88% of you cheer! This is the action heroine you fell in love with, and this is the Sam you were missing during the domestic Faux Jason/Danny/Scout years.

Jason is right. Sam wasn’t herself when she was with Drew. Luckily, his return has rectified that error. The kids can stay with Monica (Leslie Charleson) or Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) until college. Mommy is busy… being cool.

Office Suite
How many times has Sam’s life been in danger? And how many times were Jason or Sonny (Maurice Benard) at fault? It’s not just about Sam anymore.

There are children in play now. Danny and Scout – not to mention Sam – would be much safer if she stayed in the executive suite, fighting off corporate raiders, instead of playing Raiders of the Lost Ark, insist a minority 12% of the audience.

Sam doesn’t have to pick either Jason. She can choose herself, like Kelly on Beverly Hills 90210. But she really should also pick her kids….

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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