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General Hospital WILD Speculation: The Mild-Mannered Infamous Traitor

Peter August General Hospital Spoilers

We were hoping General Hospital (GH) would give us a traitor with a familiar face, considering that he apparently saved Jason’s life and we believe he’s the son of another familiar face.

But, nope, it’s pretty much looking like newcomer Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is the traitor–or at least he’s Faison’s son, just another branch on the family tree that now includes all-around good guy, Nathan (Ryan Paevey).

Since GH wants us to believe Faison’s OTHER until-now-never-heard-of-son is the traitor who made sure Jason wasn’t killed, then we’re going to have to go with our friendly, neighborhood publisher.

He did just conveniently show up in town just when Drew (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) bought Aurora and needed someone who actually knew what they were doing to run a media company.

Not only that, he really, really wants to find Faison (Anders Hove) and it doesn’t look like it’s because he wants a scoop that badly. Every time Faison is mentioned, he perks up, and when he learned that Nathan is Faison’s son, the look on his face seemed to say it all.

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Perhaps he is even the one with that Christmas tree ornament that contains all of Drew’s memories. (And yes, we can barely believe we typed that sentence, but it is a soap after all.) The desk the alleged traitor was typing from on Friday certainly looked like the one where we last saw that little disco ball.

So, yes, we think we found the guy and so far, he seems a little humdrum, and not at all pure deranged and evil like his father–kinda like Nathan. So, they already have that in common.

Now, the question is–IF, Peter is Faison’s son, who is his mother? Did Liesl (Kathleen Gati) spend more time with Faison than anyone imagined, or could it be someone else out there we know? Hmmm…

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