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General Hospital WILD Speculation: Did Anna Give Faison A Son????

Anna and Peter General HospitalAnna and Peter General Hospital

The idea is enough to creep any longtime fan out, but imagine if Anna gave birth to Faison’s son once upon a time and doesn’t even remember. Or worse–she DOES remember but had to give her child up because the idea was so horrifying? We think one or the other happened on General Hospital (GH).

It seems pretty clear that Peter August is the “other” son Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli are looking for, but Publisher Peter has to have a mother, right? He didn’t just hatch. Even Petri Dish Baby Charlotte had to have a mom and Lulu fit the bill.

And, we all know how utterly obsessed Faison was with Anna, a woman who had quite a few missing years. We really do not know what happened to Anna those years she was presumed dead.

Perhaps she had amnesia briefly and was willingly with Faison. Perhaps he raped her. Or maybe she was inseminated. Any of those things could result in bouncing baby Peter nine months later.

But, what did Anna then do with her alleged child? Was he taken from her because Faison wanted a son? Did she give him up to a family willing to adopt him?

Or, did she block the whole ordeal out of her mind and doesn’t even know she has another child out there?

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While we’d always hoped Griffin would end up being Anna’s, Peter being Anna’s would be much more interesting because with Faison as the father, the emotional conflict would be tenfold for her.

Maybe Peter is even the one with Drew’s memories in a disco ball, Anna’s own disco ball given to her by Andre. That is certainly a way to connect the two characters before they ever learn they’re related–but perhaps Peter already knows…

Of course, this is just speculation, but if it’s true, it could rock Port Charles.

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