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General Hospital Wild Spec: Just Who Is Margaux Dawson? We Think We Know…

Margaux General HospitalMargaux General Hospital

A mysterious new DA arrives on the General Hospital scene and she seems to not be a criminal (a shock for Port Charles district attorneys). However, there’s no doubt she’s hiding a secret — and it’s more than just a flash drive full of Drew Cain’s memories.

Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) has an agenda, but we do not believe she ever intended to hold a man’s life hostage in a hotel safe. That just seems to be a side effect of that agenda — with the main goal being bringing Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) down.

But what is it about Sonny that makes her so vengeful? Perhaps it’s a body, first buried in Croton, and now buried under Julian’s pub?

That’s right, we think Margaux Dawson is the daughter of the man Sonny buried all those years ago.

When Curtis (Donnell Turner) did his background check, he noted she was from the New York City area but grew up in suburban NJ.

This man Sonny buried was killed in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, a large mafia section of this NYC borough. We know this just from Sonny’s background in Bensonhurst, as well as real-life legal documentation of where many convicted mobsters lived.

Jason did say Margaux seemed to be much more interested in getting to Sonny than sending Carly to prison (or Ferncliff, as the case was). Carly (Laura Wright) was just collateral damage. We think she’s determined to do whatever it takes to avenge her father’s death.

If whatever it takes means holding onto a man’s memories while simultaneously falling for him, then so be it. And, will feelings for Drew (Billy Miller) eventually change everything? Only time will tell…

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