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Which General Hospital Character Would You Want as Your BFF?

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There have been some incredible friendships over General Hospital’s long history.

Who can forget ones like doctors Alan Quartermaine and Lesley Webber, Luke (Tony Geary) and Robert (Tristan Rogers), or Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms)? There are so many more but it makes you realize is that Port Charles has good people who are there for each other. Soap Hub asked if you could be friends with someone on General Hospital, who would you pick?

He’s Got Your Back
After over 6,000 votes were tallied, 48% chose Jason (Billy Miller) as their BFF. Stone Cold would certainly have your back like he does Sonny’s (Maurice Benard), and perhaps you need that in your life right now. He isn’t the most chatty person in town, but perhaps you prefer to do the talking and like the fact he’s a good secret keeper. Let’s face it – if you need a friend who will defend you to the end of the earth, you’ve certainly picked well!

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Free Tech Help!
It seems that 32% value having good tech support so Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) is definitely your guy. You know if you’re ever in a jam, he will help you figure a way out of it. You probably value loyalty in a pal, and you know there isn’t anyone more dedicated to his friends than this guy. And if you’ve always wanted a fun little nickname, then Spinelli’s definitely the right choice for you!

Partner in Crime
Diane (Carolyn Hennessy) garnered 19% of the votes, showing many of you enjoy having a great glass of wine or a cocktail with your dinner conversation. Or, you may get into a lot of trouble, and it would be handy to have a friend who could provide free help at the drop of a hat. She’s always good with advice and will join you on a caper or two. You obviously like to have fun and laugh a lot, so you picked well adding Diane to your friends roster.

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