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Who Will Figure Out What’s Up With Jake on General Hospital?

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Weird kids are nothing new on General Hospital.

Laura (Genie Francis) ran away to join a cult. Robin (Kimberly McCullough) had adults at her beck and call in elementary school. Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) thought he was the Phantom of the Opera. Cameron (Michael Leone) doesn’t seem to be getting any older (the same thing happened in the 1980s to his adopted cousin, Mike Webber).

But then there’s Jake (Hudson West). Sure, he came back from the dead. That’s not the weird part. The weird part is that he seems to believe his new sister, Scout, is cursed. And he’s quoting the book Helena left his mom, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Quoting Helena is never a sign of sound mental health.

So which adult in his life will be the first to get to the bottom of what’s happening? Over 6,000 viewers played child psychiatrist.

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Artist In Residence
Franco (Roger Howarth) can do anything! Wriggle out of committing murder and rape (and keeping a man in a cage)! Set the art world on fire! Charm German ball-busters! Be an art therapist! So, sure, why not, figure 96% of you — he can also be the Jake whisperer. Maybe the one-name wonder should change his moniker to Mary Sue?

Mother Knows Best
But just on the off chance that a mother might know her own child better than a random reformed psycho, 3% of the audience is willing to throw Liz a bone and concede that maybe a boy’s best friend is his mother. (Not that that story worked out well for the mother and boy involved.)

Rotating Cast of Characters
Just like when Robert (Tristan Rogers) left town and delegated looking after Robin to frenemy Sean, WSB agent in training Frisco, and Dr. Buzz (who remembers Dr. Buzz, the potential love match for Anna that went absolutely nowhere fast?), Jake has become a community project. That’s why the write-in votes included his father Jason (Billy Miller), stepmother Sam (Kelly Monaco), the letter “D” and the ever popular “Who cares?”

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