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General Hospital Visits “The Dead”: OK, What Was That?

Olivia and Griffin on General HospitalOlivia and Griffin on General Hospital

“Well, that was the easiest conjuring of a soul I’ve ever seen” was how one member of the Soap Hub team calmly reacted when Griffin broke free of his restraints–Incredible Hulk-style–on General Hospital today.

The rest of us just kinda blinked like that candle. What just happened? We suspect that was Anna’s (Finola Hughes) thought as well as she laid there on the floor bleeding while Griffin (Matt Cohen) pronounced his brand-new identity.

Yes! The priest was now channeling Sexy Time Duke. But, then, where the heck was the Scottish accent? If you’re going to be Duke, you need to be the WHOLE Duke. We guess Griffin and the spiritual Gods didn’t get that message.

Of course, we wonder if he’s just faking it to save Anna, but after today, we decided anything can happen. Rocco suddenly became a younger brother although he was very much alive when Embryo Charlotte was created.

And pregnant Robin (Kimberly McCullough) vanished into thin air. (No, it did not escape us that Robin was the second pregnant woman Liv kidnapped in a two-week period.)

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Now, if Duke really did inhabit Griffin’s priestly soul, then GH might be as detached from reality as Andre (Anthony Montgomery) claims Liv (Tonja Walker) is. (Really, what is reality these days anyway? Who really needs it?)

Sure, this is the soap where someone tried to freeze the world (something the world may need a bit of now as ice caps melt) way back in 1981, so we don’t expect TOO much, but maybe something that makes some sense. A little bit. Just a smidge.

Like we said, we really, really hope that Griffin is faking this and Liv’s child-like fantasies are just that. If not, well, welcome to a world where nothing makes sense. It’s becoming kind of familiar anyway.

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