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General Hospital Star Maura West’s Amazing Tribute To Daughter On A Very Special Day

Maura West General Hospital

While Ava just had a milestone day with her first-ever marriage on General Hospital, actress Maura West celebrated an amazing real-life milestone with her daughter reached a special rite-of-passage age.

Maura West: One Proud Mother

Kate West, the actress’s oldest daughter turned 18 yesterday, an age that comes with adult responsibilities and freedoms, but to a mother, our 18-year-olds are still our children. West took to Twitter to pay tribute to Kate on her big day with these words:

“Precious Kate…with the big heart and bigger laugh… Kate. Kind Kate. Funny Kate. Kate with the crooked lip… Little sister, big sister…best sister. Best daughter. Best person. My person. My girl. Kate is 18!! Happy Birthday, Daughter. You are loved beyond measure,” Maura West tweeted.

Kate is one of six children West has raised with her husband, Scott DeFreitas (ex-Andy, As the World Turns.) She also has four sons and one other daughter.

On-screen, Ava is a mother of daughters, although one daughter, Kiki, was killed. Perhaps with Ava’s new marital status as a Cassadine, Ava will be able to get daughter Avery away from Sonny, who has essentially staked claim to her from birth, often shutting Ava out of her little girl’s life.

As for off-screen, Soap Hub hopes Kate West had an amazing 18th birthday as she looks forward to all life has to offer a lovely young woman. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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