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General Hospital Spoilers Speculation: Kiki is Alive – And Nina’s Daughter

General Hospital Spoilers Spec Nina KikiGeneral Hospital Spoilers Spec Nina Kiki

General Hospital spoilers show the Who Is Nina’s Daughter Sweepstakes has narrowed down to two candidates: Nelle and Willow. With Nelle and her necklace – not to mention a similar personality – looking to win by a nose.

General Hospital Spoilers Spec: Let’s Meet the Contestants!

But, once upon a time, the most likely suspect was Kiki (first Kirsten Alderson, then Hayley Erin). Sure, she was Ava’s (Maura West) precious baby girl. But the timing was just a little suspicious.

Ava was having an affair with Silas (Michael Easton) at the same time as he was married to Nina (then Michelle Stafford, now Cynthia Watros) – who went into a coma while pregnant and then “lost” her baby – who we’ve since learned was actually carried to term and given away by Nina’s mother, Madeline (Donna Mills). So Silas fathered two daughters with two different women at the same time?

Not impossible, sure. But you know what else wouldn’t be impossible? Ava, obsessed with Silas and furious at him for dumping her, kidnapping his child and raising her as her own without Silas being the wiser. That’ll show him.

Kiki: Moot Point

That’s a great story, we can hear you saying, but it’s a moot point since Kiki is dead. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) got her, remember?

Sure, Ryan got her. But does that mean he still has her? People come back from the dead all the time in Port Charles. And usually, the Cassadines are somehow responsible. (Right, Jake?)

So what if Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) got to Kiki while she was mostly dead, but not really most sincerely dead?

Means and Motive

But why would he do that, you wonder. Valentin has his own stuff going on. Exactly! Valentin has his own stuff going on. Which, until recently, involved lying to Nina that Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) was her long lost daughter.

Valentin didn’t want Kiki messing up his plan. But he also figured it made sense to keep her around as insurance, just in case he ever needed to get back into Nina’s good graces. Or control Ava. Not such a wild spec, after all, is it? (Well, by soap standards, anyway.) General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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