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General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec: Cam’s Dad Returns

General Hospital Spoilers Cameron Webber

The upcoming General Hospital spoilers can’t help but make you feel for poor Cameron Webber. The boy, who has already lost so much, just lost his stepfather, Franco (Roger Howarth), in such a violent way.

General Hospital Spoilers Wild Spec

His biological dad, Zander (Chad Brannon), who was also lost in a violent way, made a little ghostly visit to pep him up. That was nice. But, at the end of the day, Ghost Dad is no replacement for the real, (living) thing.

Lucky for Cam (William Lipton), he has another dad to turn to. (See what we did there?) With the latest crises in his family, isn’t it finally time for Lucky to come home to Port Charles?

First One Up To Bat

Lucky was Cam’s first father figure. He was there from the start and even referred to Cam as “my firstborn.” Lucky loved Cam as much as he loved Jake (also not his biological, but the boy he moved heaven and earth to bring back from the dead).

Frankly, Aiden is the boy Lucky spent the least amount of time with over the duration of their lives to date and he’s the one who is his biological child. Isn’t it time they get to know each other?

Good For All

Cam is truly grieving Franco, and we know he feels responsible for Liz. Now would be the ideal time for Lucky to come back from “chasing the darkness” (if he hasn’t caught it by now, maybe he’s no good at it and should give up?) and step up for all of his sons (what, you think Jason will be there for Jake? He barely sees Danny!).

He’ll be a strong father figure for Cam, and a tower of strength for Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). That might even take them both back to their high school days. Not that Liz being raped is a happy memory. But the way Lucky looked out for her then is what made them fall in love.

They could both use a refresher. And Liz’s boys could all use a father who isn’t a killer, a serial killer, or dead. Will this really happen? Stay tuned to find out. Let us know if you want it to happen by taking the poll and letting us know in the comments section below. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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