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General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update for June 26-30

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for June 5-9 are here. Things certainly came to a head on “General Hospital” this week, and the road ahead is starting to look particularly rough!

Sam continued her harrowing descent into insanity, and the after effects could wind up impacting her entire family.

Speaking of families, Julian and Alexis went through an interesting dance, making it look like they’d be getting back together.

Of course, Carly and Sonny already reconnected, finding comfort in one another’s arms as they so often do… but before anyone gets a happy ending, there’s an unexpected turn just ahead. Here are the spoilers!

Josslyn’s attempts at teenage rebellion continue to escalate, and this time, it might be hard to come back from the consequences. Finn has an encounter of his own go sour, but he ultimately decides to hold his tongue… for now.

At least Nelle’s life seems to have turned around, but her infectious happiness draws some unwanted attention.

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