General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update for July 10-14

General Hospital spoilersGeneral Hospital spoilers

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for July 10-14 are here. Things finally came to a head this week, and the effects are still being felt by everyone.

Sam’s hallucinations took her into another deadly fantasy, although she made the move of meeting her doctor. Andre and Anna shared a passionate moment when they kissed, which could complicate things in their lives.

Speaking of complications, Sonny started removing one when he stated his intent to leave the mob… but the consequences are only set to escalate. Here are the spoilers!

Despite ongoing efforts to pull the proverbial wool over her eyes, Carly sees the truth all too clearly. The same can’t be said for Lulu and Dante, who are left feeling stunned by a sudden revelation.

Another discovery will also make waves, and after Nathan receives a telling call from Amy, he sets out on his own path.

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