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General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Update for August 14-18

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for August 14-18 are here. Things got incredibly complex on “General Hospital” this week, and more than a few heads are still spinning.

Hayden’s past continued to haunt her, and it only got worse when her ex-husband introduced himself to Finn. Julian’s trial date loomed ever closer, and the question of how Alexis’s involvement would affect things weighed heavily on his mind.

Dante proved to be unshakable in his resolve as he searched for a resolution, and he seems to have found one… but as it turns out, he’s only getting started. Here are the spoilers!

Despite evidence to the contrary, Dante suspects that he has been lied to. He sets out to question Nelle… while elsewhere in Port Charles, Griffin has a surprise in store for Ava. Another unexpected development occurs when Kiki has another chance to make an impression, and she offers some advice.

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