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General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Knows How to Push Buttons

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General Hospital Daily Spoilers Update

Breaking General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 26 promise shocking news and strange alliances. Pop some popcorn and get ready to sit on the edge of your seat!

Projecting Blame
The guilt over Morgan’s death is killing Sonny (Maurice Benard), and despite Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) having just told him no one person is to blame, he feasts his eyes on Scott (Kin Shriner) and cries foul. Sonny unleashes his wrath at the lawyer, saying if he hadn’t gotten Julian off the hook, then none of this would have happened. Lucky for everyone, Jason arrives on the scene and steps in to help out Sonny when he goes after Scott. Sonny continues to blow, yelling at a shocked Scott, who is with Ava (Maura West), “I’m coming after you. You understand me??”

Rattling Cages
Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) runs into Julian (William deVry) and he says something to rile her up. A distraught Carly lashes back at him with a dare, “Say it again, you bastard!“ Alexis witnesses the scene and reaches out to Carly. Will Carly accept her help or turn her anger on her?

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Courting Danger
Curtis (Donnell Turner) has been hired by Julian to find out concrete evidence that Sonny planted the bomb in his car. Curtis defies Jordan’s (Vinessa Antoine) request to keep out of the investigation. She’s about had it with his constant interference and shoots a warning at her former partner, “When I go after Sonny, I may go after you, too.”

Seeking Help
Nelle (Chloe Lanier) has seen firsthand how bad off Sonny is, having been abandoned by the majority of his family. She urges Michael (Chad Duell) to be patient with his father. She also offers the ominous warning that if Sonny’s left alone, she’s not sure he will make it.

Back With a Vengeance
Maxie has recovered from her recent kidnapping and goes looking for blood from the woman she holds responsible. After all, the goon wouldn’t have grabbed her if he didn’t think she was Claudette (Bree Williamson). Maxie, with Nathan (Ryan Paevey) in tow, busts into Claudette’s hotel room where she finds Anna (Finola Hughes) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) caring for Charlotte. She storms inside and asks about Claudette’s whereabouts. Spoilers reveal that Nathan receives disturbing news about Claudette.

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