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General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Does Jason Remember As Little As Jake?

General Hospital SpoilersGeneral Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for April 24-28 promise a week of intrigue throughout Port Charles as your favorite characters try to solve the sweet mystery of life.

It’s ALL Coming Back To Him Now???
Jason (Billy Miller) realizes Jake (Hudson West) wouldn’t recognize him from Cassadine Island, but he might remember his old face.

He asks Jake if he remembers a face that looks like Steve Burton, but also wonders what else the child can’t remember.

He also might wonder what else he can’t remember about his own time there as he spends time wading through both memories and guilt.

Last year when he got his other memories back, the vision of Helena (Constance Towers) told him there might be some things too painful to remember.

Joss Down Under?
Now that Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is forced to return to Australia, he makes a compelling argument for Joss to go with him.

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We know Carly (Laura Wright) makes a life-altering decision. Does she let her daughter go? Later in the week, Carly shocks Michael (Chad Duell).

Tracy’s Last PC Hurrah
Tracy’s behavior is also shocking–to Laura. Tracy (Jane Elliot) is later on pins and needles and we assume she is waiting on some test results. By the end of the week, she is seeking some advice from above.

Pills, Pills, Someone Find Out About The Pills!!!
As usual, Ava (Maura West) is haunted by her own guilty conscience, but that’s because she never does anything to alleviate it.

However, she does have a talk with Griffin (Matt Cohen), so a priest might help. Late in the week, Ava rejoices while Lucy (Lynn Herring) is tempted to come clean.

What’s Up With Anna?
Anna (Finola Hughes) is still behaving oddly as she eavesdrops on…continue reading on the next page —>

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